During three main days of Diwali Lord Ganesha assigns a Mouse to each kid to teach them about Diwali. Every morning the kid has to find the Mouse hidden in the house.  


The Mouse has a puzzle in its tail that the kid has to answer . After finding the Mouse from its hiding spot take the scroll out from its tail and check the puzzle .


Try your best to answer the puzzles that your Mouse has for you to get a gift on Diwali night.If you have read the book it should be a cakewalk for you to get the right answer..

Our Story

My husband and I feel very strongly about instilling Indian values and traditions in our kids that our Parents and Grandparents taught us .We always emphasize the importance of celebrating and honoring Indian traditions and festivals in our family . Our family traditions, our language ,our food and our festivals keep us connected to our Indian roots while raising kids in America . Diwali is one of the most important Indian festivals and we always try to make it special in our home. At my Son’s school every year, we try to celebrate and educate kids about Diwali.

After reading the old style mythological Diwali books in my son’s school for a few years, I felt that the kids were not getting engaged and needed a book which would really interact with them. With this, the idea of ‘Diwali Fun with Mouse in the House’ came about. The intention was to have a playful way to teach kids about three main days of Diwali. The Mouse who is Lord Ganesha’s messenger educates the kids about Diwali and its values and presents interesting puzzles\tasks on Diwali . 

“During 3 days of Diwali, my kids love to find their mouse in the morning to answer the quiz that the mouse has in its tail .  Its a fun family activity for everyone at my home. The questions that come with the book make my kids giggle everytime. Very cute concept with learning .”

My son adores his Mouse “Zippy”!! He will forever be a Diwali tradition in our family. He has brought so much joy and happiness to my son! The concept of the book is cute and really starts the Diwali magic for the season. Zippy is a good Mouse, he packed my son’s school bag one day, colored pages out of his coloring book one night ,Zippy missed the cold so one morning he was in the fridge, he left him little surprises like hot wheel’s car. Every morning my son would look for Zippy and seeing the excitement through his eyes was great.

“Contrasting to a lot of other children’s books on Diwali this one has a very colourful, festive and new-age modern touch to it. The boy, girl characters are very cute and the Mouse who is the mascot of Ganesh Ji keeps kids engaged till the end. Perfect as Diwali gifts for kids aged 2-8 . Great read and activity for the whole family to get involved and learn together . It does have reference to the Hindu Gods Laxmi and Ganesh throughout the book and revolves around the festivities of Diwali that are pretty much celebrated by all Indians regardless of their religion.”

“My daughter is half Indian-American and I am trying to make her learn and embrace Indian heritage.She loves how cute the Mouse is that comes with the book.She totally got into naming her Mouse ‘Chutki’ and participated in finding it every morning to get the puzzle from its tail . The puzzles that come with the book are funny yet educational at the same time .She loves the book and the concept of playing hide and seek and answering the puzzle to earn her Diwali present. This will be something we will be doing for next few years . Great story and quality illustrations.” 


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